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Status of domestication of international treaties in Nepal



26 September, 2012 - Kathmandu

Human Rights Alliance has released a research report on Status of domestication of international treaties in Nepal.The main objective of this study is to examine critically what progress Nepal has done in the major human rights conventions and how they are being domesticated. This study has tried to highlight what is the status of Human Rights Commitment of Nepal before and after 1990.

The report says that the implementation aspect of international treaties is very weak and pathetic in Nepal. During the release programme, Chief Guest Mr. Gauri Pradhan, spokesperson of National Human Rights Commission, Nepal said that it is not only enough to ratify international treaties but state should be serious on implementation of those ratified treaties and conventions.

 Similarly, speaking on the occasion, human rights activists Ms. Mandira Sharma and Mr. Shobhakar Budathoki said, "the situations of those ratified treaties are not been domesticated as international human rights standard." 

Researcher of the report and central member of HR Alliance Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada highlighted that Nepal has not still ratified Rome Statute, other international conventions related to refugees, migrants workers and disappearance which are utmost important  of the country.

 "The finding of the review report will be distributed and disseminated throughout the country through one VDC One Human Rights defenders in order to create pressure for proper domestication as international human rights standard" said Ganesh BK, chairperson of Human Rights Alliance.

 For full review report please click the below link:-

For further information, contact: - Yadab Bastola ,Email:


HR Alliance Celebrated 13th Anniversary

Human Rights Alliance celebrated its 13th Anniversary on July 13, 2012 in Kathmandu. Prominent human rights activist and former member of NHRC Sushil Pyakurel inaugurated the celebration by lighting 13 candles.

Representative of founder member organizations of HR Alliance, prominent human rights activists, civil society leaders, representatives of development partners, Central Committee Members of HR Alliance among others were present on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering, Chairperson of HR Alliance Ganesh B.K. welcomed all in the program. He reminded that HR Alliance was established to ensure social justice and human rights of the people 13 years ago.  He further stated that it was established in the initiation of 7 forefront organizations to work in the field of human rights and social justice. And it had already conducted three National Conventions till now. After second General Assembly, it was successful to establish its member organizations in all 75 districts and at present it has more than 1500 member organizations. After third General Assembly, Human Rights Alliance decided to launch the campaign of One Village Development Committee (VDC), One Human Rights Defender. To accomplish this work, there will be one Human Rights Defender in Each VDC and in municipality there will be one HRD in each ward, he added. He further explained that HR Alliance has been working by establishing network with various federations to ensure human rights and social justice about rationale of the program and exchange best wishes to founder members and CCMs and well wishers of Alliance.

Speaking on the occasion senior human rights activist Sushil Pyakurel extended his best wishes to friends and well wisher of HR Alliance. He stressed  that new generation should listen to experienced elder people and should analyze their guidelines and direction to move ahead. He recollected the human rights movement which started at the time when Panchayati regime prevailed in the country. There can not be justice unless man internalizes rights and it depends on democracy and good governance, he added. After the democratic movement of 2046, Nepal started to sign different treaties  and conventions including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

Addressing the gathering  Chairperson of HR Alliance Ganesh B.K. welcomed all in the program. He reminded that HR Alliance was established to ensure social justice and human rights of the people 13 years ago.  

Strategy planning and good governance and policy development training

  1. Human Rights Alliance conducted the Strategy planning and good governance and policy development training to its Member organizations on June 10-13, 2012 in Kathmandu. The main purpose of this training was to enhance the capacity of HR Alliance member organizations by providing the knowledge to develop the organizational strategy planning help them to develop organizational governance system systematically.Altogether 25 participants participated from 9 project district . 

HR Alliance Day

Anniversary of Human Rights Alliance 

Human Rights Alliance is going to celebrate it's 13th Anniversary in Kathmandu on July 13, 2012 at 5:00 pm. As an umbrella organization having more than 1500 human rights organizations around the country, Human Rights Alliance has been implementing its activities through its member organizations in five development regions. It has focused its activities on the capacity assessment, enhancement and mobilization of the member organizations to contribute and to establish human rights, justice, peace and just society in Nepal.