74th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All 10th December 2022

74th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All 10th December 2022

Organiser of the program

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Moderator: Mr. Basant Gautam, Chairman of Human Rights Alliance

Program Vision: Mr. Bhola Mahat, Pradesh Sanyojak Insec (Lumbini Pradesh)

Attendance: 90

Chief Guest: Dr. Ratna Bahadur Baghchandra, High Court Judge Tulsipur, Nepalgunj

Guests: Mr. Damodar Gautam, Mr. Prabin Taapa, Mr. Bikash Gautam, Mr. Hari Parajuli, Mr. Bhim Bahadur,Karki, Ms. Maheshwori Bista and from organizations and government officials.


On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the program was conducted in Nepalgunj, Banke. This program was conducted by Human Rights Alliance and different other organisations to conserve and help Human Rights. High court Tulsipur, Nepalgunj judge Dr. Ratna Bahadur, Nepalgunj municipality mayor Mr. Prashant Bista, prahari prasasan, government judge, agencies, and government officials etc took part in this program. Chiefguest judge Dr. Ratna Bahadur Bagchandra, Nepalgunj municipality mayor Mr. Prashant Bista, Pramukh Jilla adikari Mr. Shirishchandra Sharma, Women, children and old age home centre Mr. Nirichyak Maheshwori Bista, Human Rights Aayog Nepalgunj Chief Duwarika Adhikari has said that they will work for the conservation and prosperity of Human Rights. Furthermore, Nepal Bar Agencies former Vice Chairman Mr, Tikajung Singh, advocate Mr. Bijay Kumar Gupta, Mr. Sunil Kumar Shrestha, Adhikarkarmi Mr. Bhola Mahat, Mr. Basant Gautam, Maimuna Sidiki, Mr. Suresh Kumar Gautam, Mr. Prabhat Kumar Thakuri, Ms. Nirmala Sunar, Mr. Satish Pathak has said that the conservation of Human Rights should be the responsibility and accountability of the nation as well.

On the occasion of Human Rights Day the prize of Human Rights which was given every 2 years was handed to the advocate Ms. Maimuna Sidhiki from Nepalgunj.

For the conservation of Human Rights – Judge Dr. Bagchandra

Firstly, High Court judge of Tulsipur Nepalgunj Dr. Ratna Bahadur Bagchandra has spoken for the conservation of Human Rights. On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day program, which was organised in Nepalgunj Dr. Bagchandtra said he will support and stand for the rights of the victims which is also an important aspect for the conservation of Human Rights. Every organisation and government officials has to give their best performance for the justice of victims and human rights. He also added that we should keep ourselves in the positions of victims so that we can understand and help them in a better way. We should not let the discrimination in castes and gender describe the identity of people. Every human should have their own right to live in a respectful way.

Secondly, the mayor of Nepalgunj Mr. Prashant Bista has said that if human rights are conserved then there is a big possibility for the development of the country as well and every person should have their rights. Human rights are still not guaranteed on the basis of education and health so we should also focus human rights on those areas.

District Administration Office, Banke pramukh District Administrator Mr. Hari Chandra Sharma has spoken that every person should have their rights. The district administration office will always stand by human rights.

Moreover, Abhibakta Mr. Bijay Kumar Gupta said that the government has not respected the orders of Human Rights and also added that there should be the awareness that human rights should be taught in schools as well.

In addition, the Former Vice Chairman of Nepal Bar Agency has said that the government has contravened the rules of human rights. That is one of the reasons we should focus more on the rights of the people.

Women, Childrens and old age home centre, Nepalgunj Ms. Maheshwori Bista that humans should be discussed and implemented everyday not only on the occasion of human rights. Everyone should take the responsibility of human rights in their area. Justice should be given to every woman, child and old age person who are the victims.

Furthermore, the chairman of Human Rights Alliance, Nepalgunj Mr. Basanta Gautam, Advocate Mr. Sunil Kumar Shrestha, Fiyan Nepalgunj Pramukh Mr. Suresh Kumar Gautam, Human Right Alliance kendriya member Mr. Prabhat Kumar Thakuri, Fedo chairman Mrs. Nirmala Sunar, Mayaganmeet Pratinidhi/Sidhitop Mr. Satish Pathak has said that human rights should be conserved in all sectors.

Moreover, the organiser of the program Human Rights Alliance, Banke chairperson Mr. Basant Gautam said that everyone should pay attention to human rights and there should be public awareness about human rights and every one should follow the rules and regulations of human rights.

National Human Rights Aayog, Human Rights Alliance, Advocacy Firm Nepal, Nepal Bar Agency, INSEC, Women law and Bikash Manch and many more organisations which are linked with Human Rights and other government officials were also present in the program. On the day of 10th December, this day is celebrated all over the world. Sanyukt Rastrasangh announced Human Rights Day on B.S 1950 that is why the Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10th of December.

Program Accomplishment

The program has been held successfully. Members of different organisations and government officials were present in the program. This program has helped for the awareness of Human Rights.

Bhajan ram Human Rights Award

This year Bhajan Ram Human Rights Award has been respectfully awarded to Mrs. Mainuma Sidhhiki. On the occasion of Human Rights advocate Ms. Mainuma Siddhki has been awarded by Dr. Ratna Bahadur Baghchandra. Bhajan Ram award is awarded every two years. This award is given to the person who has contributed to Human Rights and justice. She has also been awarded with Rs. 25 thousand. Mr. Sunil Kumar Shrestha suggested the name of Ms. Maimuna Siddhiki because of her immense contribution to Human Rights.