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December 2022

Human Rights

  • The misery of migrant workers (4th December 2022)
    Our workers are needlessly losing lives in Qatar due to dehumanising working conditions.While the world enjoys the World Cup this winter, scores of migrant workers who lost their lives in Qatar in the past 10 years are coming to light. Many of those deaths remain uninvestigated as they are simply marked as “deaths due to natural causes.”Many who survived the unfavourable working/living conditions and exploitation have suffered long-term health problems or have returned home with no safety nets. Others still working in Qatar remain silent due to the fear of retribution from their employers or worse, losing their livelihoods. Unemployment and inflation are rampant in their home countries, and migrant workers have no choice but to continue working in Qatar. 
  • Landless squatters stage protest against govt move (6th December 2022) 
    Scores of people living in the squatter settlement along the banks of Bagmati River in Thapathali today joined a protest march against the government’s recent crackdown.Different organisations such as Samyukta Rastriya Sukumbasi Morcha and Mahila Ekata Samaj joined their cause and shouted slogans against the government and urged it to protect the rights of a landless citizens.The protesters in the peaceful march displayed placards that read, ‘secure the right to housing’, ‘ensure human rights’, ‘open doors for talks’, ‘how long shall we live in fear?’, ‘stop spreading fear of being landless’ and ‘land rights now’, among others.
  • Vice President’s concern about the ongoing human rights violations (8th December 2022)
  • Human Rights Day: Are we doing enough? (9th December 2022)
    In Nepal, we are proud to partner with the government and civil society in protecting and upholding human rights. Nepal’s Constitution contains many protections for human rights, and while perhaps not yet fully realised, the Government of Nepal is an inspiring example in the region of its continued efforts to strengthen and protect the rights of its people.We are happy to say that USAID’s development work with the Government of Nepal and local partners has led to greater access to healthcare and education, stronger democratic processes and social inclusion, and more opportunities for economic development.

Women Rights

  • Combating violence against women in politics (13th December 2022)
    Violence against women (VAW)—a form of severe human rights violation—has remained pervasive around the world, leaving women and girls in distress and affecting their potential.Unequal power relations result in domination, which is also a manifestation of VAW. This is perceptible around us, be it on the streets or in Parliament. When women engage in politics as voters, activists, and lawmakers, they face a threat and subjugation, primarily because of their gender. Women politicians, though, have been defying norms that otherwise expect them to remain passive. But violence has often been used to reinforce political structure(s) favouring patriarchy and to suppress women politicians from voicing their opinions freely and independently.

Gender Based Violence

  • Call to eliminate gender-based violence (2nd December 2022)
    The United Nations in Nepal and International Development Partners marked 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence Campaign in Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan Office together with the Ministry of Social Development of Sudurpaschim Province and representatives from embassies, development partners, civil society, and women’s movement.
    In the course of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the local level in Dadeldhura district is organising various events aimed at raising awareness on women empowerment to eliminate VAW.In ward no 3, women were imparted training on women rights, human rights and fundamental rights. Rally and interaction programmes are being organised.
    Speaking at an interaction organized on the occasion of the 16-day campaign against violence against women (VAW) jointly by the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, and the Forum for Women,Law and Development (FWLD), she said that as enforcement of laws and efforts by the government have not been able to stop GBV, social awakening was required.
    Pointing out the need to change the nature of programs being implemented to prevent VAW, Minister Regmi said the political parties should also get actively involved in running awareness campaigns  against VAW.
    • 16 Day of Activism Against Gender Based Violence (3rd December 2022)
    • GBV prevention fund established in only 115 local levels (4th December 2022)
      Among the 753 local levels across the country only 115 municipalities have established the gender-based violence prevention fund.This was shared at a policy dialogue organised on the occasion of the 16-day campaign against Violence Against Women in the capital city today. The event was hosted jointly by Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Forum of Women, Law and Development and UN Women.
    • Minister Uma Regmi pledges to do needful to control GBV (8th December 2022)
      Minister of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens Uma Regmi said her ministry was committed to doing everything to control gender-based violence.Speaking at a programme on the problems of gender-based violence organised by Koshish Nepal, a national mental health organisation and Forum for Women, Law and Development here today, Minister Regmi said patriarchy was at the root of gender-based violence and even educated men were responsible for committing gender-based violence against their spouses and daughters. ” I have only a few weeks to serve as minister, but I am committed to implementing the suggestions of stakeholders,” she added.
    • Social awareness needed to control GBV (10th December 2022)
      Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Uma Regmi, has argued that Nepali society would not be free from violence against women unless the mentality of individual, family and community is changed. Social awareness is essential to wipe out the gender based violence (GBV) prevalent in the society.
    • Authorities pledge to end sexual harassment, GBV at workplace (12th December 2022)
      Chief District Officer of Kathmandu Ghanashyam Bhusal Adhikari vowed to hold discussions on sexual and gender-based violence at the workplace among the chiefs of public offices.Similarly, National Women Commission’s Chairperson Kamala Kumari Parajuli said that orientation programme on sexual and gender-based violence was not implemented by all agencies. Parajuli shared that the Commission was finding it inconvenient to monitor GBV related complaints since many of the complaints were sent by the same office repeatedly without disclosing names.According to her, it was becoming difficult to deal with sexual and GBV cases since many of them would go unreported and such cases lacked proper documentation. She urged devising a mechanism in all offices, private or public, to monitor both complainant and complaints

Child Rights

Online Violence

  • Most women journalists face online violence: Study (1st December 2022)
    Facebook Messenger is the most commonly used platform for online abuse, according to the report prepared by Media Advocacy Group.An overwhelming majority of women journalists in Nepal have faced online violence, a new study shows.The research conducted among 281 women journalists by the Media Advocacy Group (MAG) has revealed that 88.6 percent faced online violence in their lifetime. Of them, 53 percent faced violence by people from their own profession.

Sexual Assault

  • Sexual violence increased during Covid, UNFPA says (7th December 2022)
    The United Nations Population Fund with the support of the European Union had implemented the two-year project in various cities and municipalities across Nepal.There has been an increase in sexual violence during the time of Covid, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said revealing the outcome of the One Door Crisis Management Center project.“10,499 victims of sexual violence in the areas where the project was implemented received facilities such as counselling, shelter facilities, and justice initiatives,” the statement read. “92 percent of them were women and girls.”
  • 2 arrested on rape charges in Morang (19th December 2022)
    Nepal Police arrested two men on the charge of raping two girls who were returning home from school in Sundarharaicha municipality in Morang. Nepal Police said it arrested Sachin Timsina, 20, and Pratap Tamang, 21.The girls who went to school on December 16 returned home only the next day. When the relatives inquired, they revealed that they had been raped.The police arrested Timsina and Tamang on the basis of a complaint filed by the girl’s parents on Sunday evening.

Domestic Violence

  • Doctor accused of domestic violence and demanding dowry arrested (15th December2022)
    Neha Chaudhary has accused Pankaj Chaudhary, her husband of nine months, of physical and mental abuse for not bringing enough dowry.She accused Pankaj of beating her repeatedly and forcing her maternal family to cough up a huge amount of money as dowry. She claimed that her husband tortured her accusing her of not bringing enough dowries.Pankaj and Neha married nine months ago after being in a relationship for about two years. A month ago, Neha took to social media to claim that she had been a victim of domestic violence. She posted some photos of her injuries online.

Human Trafficking

  • 3 tiers of govt to stop human trafficking (27th December 2022)
    Mayor of Biratnagar Metropolitan City, Nagesh Koirala, has talked about the need of coordination among all the three tiers of the government for prevention and control of human trafficking.He also stressed on the need of coordination among the organisations working in the women and children’s sector.Officiating Chief District Officer of Morang, Sharad Pokharel said prevention and control of human trafficking has become challenging due to the open border. Coordinator of Maiti Nepal, Morang, Binod Pokharel, presented a report about the situation of January to December 2022. During the period, 136 people were saved from being trafficked, he shared. Coordinator Pokharel added that out of 47 people, who were lost during the period, only 11 were found. A person was rescued and a case was filed against a person for his/her connection to human trafficking during the period. A total of 105 cases of domestic violence were recorded, he mentioned.

LGBTQ Rights

  • Bill protecting same-sex, interracial unions set for passage (8th December 2022)
    US President Joe Biden backs the bill and said he will “promptly and proudly” sign it into law.That ruling included a concurring opinion from Justice Clarence Thomas that suggested same-sex marriage should also be reconsidered.
  • Biden signs gay marriage law (14th December 2022)
    A celebratory crowd of thousands bundled up on a chilly Tuesday afternoon to watch President Joe Biden sign gay marriage legislation into law, a joyful ceremony that was tempered by the backdrop of an ongoing conservative backlash over gender issues. And the White House played a recording of Biden’s television interview from a decade ago, when he caused a political furor by unexpectedly disclosing his support for gay marriage.Lawmakers from both parties attended Tuesday’s ceremony, reflecting the growing acceptance of same-sex unions, once among the country’s most contentious issues.


November 2022



  • So far, 76.5 percent of the total population in Nepal has received two doses of Covid vaccine and around 27.5 percent has taken booster shots.
  • According to a study, children whose mothers test positive for COVID-19 have lower severe symptoms than their parents, if they become infected with the virus at all.
  • Not everyone receives the same amount of protection from vaccination.
  • Pfizer’s updated covid 19 boosters, significantly revved up adults’ virus-fighting antibodies.
  • Residence clash with Chinese authorities over Covid rules.
  • A large number of vaccines against COVID-19 have got stuck in the store due to the lack of eagerness on the part of the people to get vaccinated for the third time.
  • Covid 19 causes long term physical and mental problems.
  • Repeat Covid is riskier than the first infection.
  • When the election atmosphere is gaining momentum at home, health  professionals are worried about the public health issue bearing in mind the risk of infectious diseases, majorly  COVID-19. 
  • It might be a matter of serious concern for patients of diabetes who have also suffered from COVID-19. The infection may result in long-term health issues, which includes a higher risk for heart diseases.
  • China on Sunday announced its first new death from COVID-19.
  • COVAX to supply 1.5 million Covid bivalent doses to Nepal shortly
  • Health Ministry officials say the vaccine doses will be used as first and second booster shots.

Human Rights Violence

Chhath’s essence is equality but Dalits still left out

For Dalits in Bara, the four-day festival was a stark reminder of the discrimination they have been subjected to for decades.While the Chhath songs call for equality and impartiality, the lived experiences of those from the Dalit communities are wholly different. Caste-based discrimination is rife in Nepal—from the mountains to the Terai—and never is the bias more visible than during religious festivals.

Foul play

The abuse Qatar employed while completing World Cup projects will be etched in public memory.Qatar, a country long flagged for its mistreatment of migrant workers, is again in the spotlight for emptying apartment blocks housing thousands of foreign labourers, most likely to make space for football fans coming for the World Cup.Had the international community been serious about making Qatar accountable for its atrocious treatment of migrant workers, they could have done a lot more to build pressure on Doha.

Disable people facing challenges in Nepal

People with disabilities in Nepal are facing numerous challenges in their day to day lives as enough attention is not given towards catering their special needs. People with disabilities lag behind in education and employment, while they also face discrimination due to their condition putting them at a higher risk of violence and abuse.A recent study, ‘Disability Inclusive Development in Nepal: Situational Analysis’ published in the year 2020, shows that disability is significantly linked with poverty. It has been seen that households of people with disabilities are poorer and suffer from many economic challenges.The study also showed the COVID 19 pandemic impacted people with disabilities significantly as they faced many barriers in protecting themselves from the impacts of COVID -19. Food insecurity and income reduction were the major problems faced by disable people in the pandemic.

Child Rights

Childhood Traumas

A recent study revealed that these experiences have a significant impact on our health risks as adults.Obesity and chronic pain are physical conditions that are affected, but post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, substance misuse, and depression show the most correlation with physical conditions.Our well-being and health later in life are significantly influenced by the social situations in which we are raised.

 Sexual Assault

Sandeep Lamichane (Rape Case)

The office of public prosecutor has registered a case against suspended Captain of the Nepali National Cricket Team, Sandeep Lamichhane, at the District Court, Kathmandu on Sunday.Lamichhane, who has been in police custody since he was arrested following a FIR filed against him, has been denying the charge of raping the teenager girl. He had given statement that he is innocent and did not rape the girl. He was arrested from the Tribhuvan International Airport on October 6 on the charge and remains in judicial custody since then.

A single bench of judge Madhav Prasad Ghimire at the Kathmandu District Court recorded statements of both the parties on Tuesday.“Lawyers from both sides recorded their statements. The court is likely to decide whether to free him on bail, without bail or to keep him in custody,” said Achyut Neupane, chief of the district attorney’s office, in Kathmandu.

The debate on the case against cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane, who is accused of raping a 17-year-old minor, has ended. Today, the lawyers of the district attorney‘s office argued in court. According to the court officials, the order will be issued shortly after the counterargument is over.

Women Rights

Nepali women packing a punch

Nepal occupies a respectable 16th position among the 133 countries regarding the proportion of elected seats held by women. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they distinguished themselves with their excellent handling of the crisis compared to the federal and provincial governments. The constitution has ensured that the local units include women, Dalits and backward classes and communities. It says there must be at least one woman representative and one Dalit woman representative in each ward.

 Election Violence

  • Bodies of Bajura election violence victims yet to be collected by families (22nd November2022)

    Bodies of two persons killed during the election violence in the Bajura district of Sudurpaschim on Sunday have not been collected by their families yet.The deceased were identified as Sanjeev Aidi and Chetan Aidi of Triveni-7. They were killed when security personnel opened fire after tension at a polling station.Three persons including police constable Krishna Kunwar were injured in the clash that occurred at the polling station. The injured are locals Parshuram Padhyaya and Khadak Aidi.

Gender Based Violence

     The activism is an annual international campaign that begins on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and runs through December 10 marking International Human Rights Day.Also speaking at the event, Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Sunita Dangol, asserted that violence of any kind was a social crime and said that it was imperative to take the campaign to the ward level to minimize gender-based violence. Necessity of life skills training for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) has been emphasised so as to support their livelihood.Different organisations including ABC Nepal and other individuals under the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence held discussions to explore ways for making the target group self-reliant.The organisation has launched gender-based violence prevention and response project in Biratnagar, Okhaldhunga and Udaipur and 23 people are receiving service from it.ABC Nepal Shelter Chief Srijana Bhandari briefed about activities carried out under the project.

October 2022

Human Rights Violence

Human Rights

Gender and Inclusive Policy

  • The Policy aims to contribute towards strengthening democracy by making all phases and procedures of elections gender-friendly and inclusive.The Commission would be active in protection, development, empowerment of the women of all castes, region, communities and those socially and economically backward and to ensure opportunities and access for them to minimise the gender-based violence during election period.

Child Rights

Why are today’s girls so anxious and depressed?

  • Girls are growing with a rising number of external pressures, making their transition into teen and adulthood far more psychologically disturbing than it used to be. Research shows sharp spikes in depression and anxiety among girls in recent years, at rates notably higher than boys.

What is it about this moment in time that makes life so much more emotionally challenging for teenage girls?

  • There is so much focus on performance and competition. Our children are missing that important part of childhood, those in-between years, ages 7 to 13, when they should be doing things like hanging out with their friends and lying in the grass to chat about whatever. We’ve replaced that with a fast-moving culture and have also added social media.And then we have to layer upon that the stark reality that girls routinely face added threats like sexual harassment, rape and violence against women by virtue of being female.

Still, the solution to this problem isn’t something parents can or should handle on their own, right?

  • There are so many different ways to bring in the wider community. Too many parents think they are alone in dealing with this, but we are not alone, and we shouldn’t be thinking this is all on us. Talk therapy can help; there is very good evidence.When they feel safe, the stress machinery in their brains is less likely to get engaged, and they have a better chance of getting through their teen years without depression or anxiety.

Child Grant should be expanded

  • As political leaders begin their campaign for the upcoming elections, they should recognise that voters are still waiting for a government that will deliver its commitments to provide a similar benefit to Nepal’s children. An expanded child benefit is even more urgently needed after the Covid-19 pandemic reversed achievements in reducing child poverty.

Sexual Assault

Sandeep Lamichane (Rape Case)

  • Police have arrested suspended Nepal national cricket team skipper Sandeep Lamichhane accused of raping a minor girl from the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on Thursday. Lamichhane was detained upon landing at Tribhuvan International Airport from Qatar Airways this morning. Earlier today, the cricketer had taken to one of his social media pages to announce his return and his subsequent ‘submission’ before the authorities. As in previous times, he maintained that he is not guilty. He returned to Nepal almost a month after an arrest warrant was issued against him. Though he expressed his desire to turn himself in, police apprehended him upon landing at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Due to the opening of the court from today after Dashain holiday, Lamichhane is going to be taken to the court for an extension. Cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane’s lawyer has claimed that the girl who accused Lamichhane of raping her is not a minor. She said to the journalist, “It seems that she has two birth certificates. It seems that she is trying to trap Sandeep in a deliberate manner. We will submit the proof that she made her birth certificate by changing her birthdate. Sandeep is innocent.

Mental Health

Transforming Mental Health in Nepal

  • We need to focus on preventive, positive, and community mental health to address mental health conditions.Each year, October 10 is marked as World Mental Health Day. Just like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to have conversations on mental health and contribution to the cause of mental health. Mental health is not the elephant in the room. It is a herd. It’s in each of our rooms, workplace. Hence, let’s say yes to
  • Mental health curriculum and outcome
  • Tele-health and access to health
  • Insurance support
  • NGO, INGO sector at the mental and primary health care level
  • Clinical expertise and clinical support at all levels, from preventive, and secondary to rehabilitation

Transitional Justice

Transitional justice bodies get terms extension without chairs and members

  • Though the commissions have got the extension of their terms, they will continue to remain defunct in the lack of the office bearers.The conflict victims and human rights defenders had been objecting to the appointment process of the leadership in both the commissions saying it was politically appointed.Seven years since their formation, the two transitional justice commissions haven’t been able to make any concrete headway in providing justice to the victims.The truth commission has received 63,792 complaints since its formation in February 2015 while the disappearance commission has received 3,223 complaints of enforced disappearances at the hands of state security forces and the Maoists.After a preliminary investigation, the commission has identified 2,484 cases as genuine.

Human Rights

Young Nepalis are leaving the country for foreign employment in record numbers.

  • Nepal goes to the polls on November 20 to choose the members of the House of Representatives and the seven provincial assemblies. Voting is a fundamental duty, and all Nepalis have an equal opportunity to make their voices heard in a democracy. But for Nepali, his foreign job is more important than hiking to the voting booth to drop a piece of paper in the ballot box.Young Nepalis are leaving the country for foreign employment in record numbers, government statistics show. The push factors are strong.Nearly 46,700 individuals received labour permits during the period mid-September to October 10. Government officials say that the figure may rise as the country’s economy is not showing signs of improvement.Nepalis are travelling abroad en masse due to limited job opportunities at home caused by prolonged political instability. According to Subedi, there is no prospect of earning a decent income in Nepal. “Inflation is high, there are few employment opportunities, and the salaries are extremely low. The cost of living is high,” said Subedi. “To fulfil all your family needs, you need to go abroad. Who cares about elections? All that matters for us is our job.” 

Women’s Right

Women violence during election

  • Inter-generation Women Forum has drawn the attention of the government and the Election Commission towards possible incidences of violence against women, including the domestic violence, during the elections period.The concern of the Forum is that the pre-voting activities of political parties are generally not women-friendly and cases of women violence are highly likely during the victory celebrations and post-election feasts and gatherings.

Women tortured in custody

  • The victim says officers physically abused her to extract confession.A 33-year-old woman, who was detained for investigation into a murder case, was allegedly tortured in police custody in Siraha district.Jabachhi has said the security personnel tortured her severely in custody, forcing her to confess the involvement of herself and her family in the incident.Incidents of torture and death in custody are frequently reported in Nepal, especially in the Terai. The incidents, however, are rarely investigated and the rate of conviction is dismal.



  • President Bhandari tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Long Covid at 12 months persists at 18 months.
  • Europe is likely to enter another Covid wave.
  • Covid cases are decreasing compared to before.
  • President Bhandari was discharged from the hospital.
  • Covid 19 is still a global health emergency.
  • It finds that pregnancy-related deaths have spiked nearly 80% since 2018, with COVID-19 being a factor.
  • Doctors warn infections could rise precipitously in the coming days as temperatures dip.
  • The new sub-variant of Omicron, XBB, confirmed in Nepal.
  • The sudden emergence and rapid spread of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) omicron variant has raised questions about its animal reservoir.

September 2022



  • White House to encourage COVID booster flu shots this fall.
  • Covid death cases keep falling nearly every year.
  • Shape of the coronavirus affects its transmission.
  • Corona infection has been confirmed in 105 more people in the last 24 hours in Kathmandu Valley.
  • 9 vaccines are approved for use in Nepal.
  • COVID-19 Updates
  • COVID-19 vaccination data
  • Covid infection may increase incidence of heart attacks.
  • Mugu is declared as the fully vaccinated district.
  • 60 immunocompromised health workers to get second booster shots.
  • Vaccines lower long term covid 19 effects.

Human Rights

Transitional Justice

Key Points of Transitional Justice

  • Bill Amendment on Transitional Justice Law

According to the victims and right activists the current bill provides a loophole to define all murders as non cruel and grant amnesty for all murders. 19 lawmakers have 17 amendments to the bill to amend the Enforced Disappearances Enquiry, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act 2014, which was tabled in the House of Representatives on August 23. Conflict victims say the bill has not listed war crimes and crimes against humanity under serious human rights violations.

Government has drafted a bill to amend relevant law. The government has prepared a bill with a provision to calculate its life. Officials at the Law Ministry say the bill was prepared to address the lack of legal clarity over the tenure of the House of Representatives. The bill also says the tenure of the previous lower house will be deemed to have automatically ended from the day the newly elected House holds its first meeting.

  • Bill to Amend the TRC and CIEDP

Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Govinda Prasad Sharma (Koirala) has said that there should be no delay in passing the Bill designed to amend the Commission for the Investigation of Enforced Disappeared Persons and Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act. Speaking at the meeting of the Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Federal Parliament on Saturday, Minister Koirala mentioned that the victims have suffered a lot and said that it would be appropriate to pass it through the Parliament immediately to deliver them justice. He said, “There were many effects when we delayed this issue. The victims suffered a lot. In fact, we are not able to compensate for them. Now, in the case of human rights violation, as long as the victims want, as long as the victims have consent, they can go to reconciliation. Therefore, the government and all the parties should be in one place. I have not known that all political parties have different ideologies on this. So we need to solve this issue as soon as possible.”

Human Trafficking

Key Points of Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba said that human trafficking is a disgrace to the civilized society and a crime against humanity thatb also affects the image of the country in an international level. Prime Minister Deuba said that the government was committed to fulfilling the commitments made by the country at the national and international forum in the fight against human trafficking and transportation. He also rmphasized that all three levels of government, from the center to the provincial and local levels, need to work in coordination with each other to make the campaign against human trafficking effective. He said that the government is committed to amending existing laws and formulating new laws related to human trafficking to make them more effective in view of the changing nature of the crime.

Child Rights

Key Points of Child Rights

  • Child Marriage

Myagdi, a hill district in west Nepal, underage marriage, marriage before the age of 20, according to law is a common practice, especially in the districts of rural belts. Although the governmental and non-governmental agencies have spent thousands of rupees to prevent illegal marriage, this method still has not worked. According to the district health authority, nearly 20 percent of pregnancies reported over the last years were underage.

  • Budhiganga declared as child marriage free zone

         Budhiganga Municipality-4 of Bajura has declared itself a child marriage free     zone. Various governmental and non-governmental organisations working in the field   of child rights in the district had been conducting public awareness programmes in     the village to prevent child marriage.

  • Child Violence

A case of child abuse is registered in Jumla. The child mother has registered the case in Jumla Police for child abuse in the treatment of a six years old boy. The boy had abdominal pain and despite repeated requests for treatment of their son to Doctor Shah, he did not agree. Jumla has objceted through a press release saying that Dr.Shah’s discriminatory behaviour in  medical treatment of child Shah. It is regrettable that Dr.Shah committed such an offence in a sensitive place like the emergency room of the hospital, which encourages child violence.

Sexual Assault

Key Points of Sexual Assault

  • Rape Case (Sandeep Lamichahne)

           Sandeep Lamichahne, Nepal Cricket Captain, faces a rape charge from a minor. According to the complaint, Lamichahne took the girl to different places in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur on 21st August. It is mentioned that the girl was repeatedly raped by Lamichane that same night. She claimed that Lamichahne raped her in room number 305 of a hotel located on Kathmandu-9.Police thoroughly investigating on alleged rape case against Sandeep Lamichhane and is seeking permission to issue arrest warrent against Lamichane. The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) is involved in discussion after a rape complaint was filed against the captain of the national team, Sandeep Lamichane. He is currently leading the national team and a CAN meeting will be held regarding whether to keep him on the team or suspend him.

  • Rape Case (Paul Shah)

The Nawalpur District Court has acquitted actor Paul Shah of a rape charge but convicted him of child sexual abuse. Accordingly, the court sent him to jail for 2.5 years and ordered him to pay a fine of Rs 1 million to the survivor. In addition, he has to pay a fine of Rs 25,000. Paul Shah was accused of repeatedly raping a minor, who is also an aspiring singer, in different districts of the country. The alleged survivor’s father had filed separate complaints in Tanahun and Nawalpur districts. Meanwhile, Shah is also facing a similar charge in the Tanahun district and the verdict is pending.

  • Niharika Case Update

After being released from jail Shivraj Shrestha has appeared before court. According to Niharika’s demand, the court ordered DNA test of both of them as per NIharika, Shrestha raped her and the child was born. According to Shrestha, they were in love and had consensual sex at the same time. Dhanusha district court has already acquitted Shrestha in the crime of coercion.

  • Women found dead in half naked state in Dhanusha

A woman was found dead in a half-naked state at Yadukuha of Sahidnagar Municipality-3, Dhanusha on Tuesday.The body of a 26-year-old Babityadevi Das was found near a bamboo bush in the village this morning, police said. Babitadevi was the wife of a local Arun Das.According to police, the woman had gone to watch a cultural program held in the village on Monday night.

Locals of the village suspect she was murdered after rape.DSP and Police Spokesperson Pradip Bahadur Chettri of Dhanusha said that police are further investigating the case.

Right of LGBTQI+

  • Violence against LGBTQI+ people continues (15th September 2022)
  • Violence Against LGBTQl+
    Safety of sexual minorities in question after two members of the queer community were beaten up on suspicions of stealing babies in Siraha on Saturday.Members of the LGBTIQ+ community, 43-year-old Munni and 47-year-old Chanda, residents of Kalyanpur Municipality in Siraha and Hansapur Municipality of Dhanusha respectively, say the locals of Laxmipur Chowk in Bishnupur Rural Municipality-5, Siraha physically abused the two on suspicions of stealing a newborn.For queer community members, violence against the LGBTIQ+ community remains a distressing reality.

August 2022

Transitional Justice

Key Points of Transitional Justice

  • UN Concern

        The diplomats expressed concerns over some of the provisions and urged both Deuba and Dahal that some qualifiers and more explanations are needed for cases of serious human rights violations.The amended bill has provisions that the transitional justice commissions will make recommendations to the Attorney General’s Office to start prosecution of cases of serious human rights violations.Criminal cases from the decade-long insurgency that are sub judice at the district and high courts will be transferred to the Special Court.

  • Transitional Justice Amendment Bill

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has furnished a 12-point suggestion to the government on the bill relating to transitional justice. And the suggestion on TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) and CIEDP (Commission for investigation of Enforced Disappeared Person) was made public on Sunday. Conflict victims and rights activists have expressed concerns about some of the provisions and demanded a review. According to Prem Suwal “ Disappeared Persons Investigation, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Third Amendment) Bill,2019 has not come to give justice to the victims. Advocates have objected, saying attempts have been made to bring the bill related to transitional justice giving additional pain to conflict victims rather than providing justice and it will not provide justice to victims so that the bill should not be passed by the parliment.

  • Transitional Justice Law

          During the demonstration, conflict victims and civil society members said that the current bill drafted to amend the law favours the perpetrators and is unacceptable.civil society members joined the protesting conflict victims, who have been holding a series of demonstrations demanding that the government and the political parties should not endorse the bill without a revision.

Human Rights

Key Points of Human Rights

  • Protest Burma Execution

          Nepali rights activists took to the streets of Kathmandu against the execution  of Phyo Zeya Thaw, Kyaw Min Yu (Ko Jimmy), Hla Myo Aung, and Aung Thura Zaw by the Burmese military junta. The four democracy activists including a former lawmaker Thaw were accused of committing ‘terror acts’ and were sentenced to death in a closed-door trial in a move much criticised by rights activists, and organisations internationally including from the United Nations Security Council.In Nepal, National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice (Human Rights Alliance) has strongly condemned the Burma Junta Military Government’s brutal torture of freedom fighters and their fight to restore liberties, and democracy.

  • DNA Test To Be Conducted

The High Court, Janakpur, has ordered a DNA test of the child of Niharika Rajput from Jaleswar in Mahottari and also of Shiva Raj Shrestha. This case was tracked after Niharika tried committing suicide infront of President Office in Kathmandu.

Rights of LGBTQI+

Key Points of Rights of LGBTQI+

  • LGBTQI+ Rights

LGBTQI+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex persons. During the visit of Jessica Sterns, the US special envoy to advance the human rights of LGBTQI+ Stern not only met the government officials but also attended the pride parade organised by the Blue Diamond Society. According to Jessica Stern, Nepal is ahead of many countries in the world because it explicitly recognises gender and sexual minorities in the constitution.But in Nepal, as in every country in the planet including in the US, there is always a discrepancy between the promise of the law and its implementation. Also Stern, heard people say that things are changing in Nepal, and that they feel hopeful for the future and the change for LGBTQI+ community is coming.  Stern came here in part to learn how the US government can support LGBTIQ+ people in Nepal to make sure that they can live their best lives. Unfortunately, she heard from them that there is a long way to go. Us government is always interested in supporting the LGBTIQ+ community here and the Nepali people in general.

Women’s Rights

Key Points of Women’s Rights

  • Safety of Women

          Women face real threats to their safety in public spaces from current or former partners. One in six months women (17%) compared to one in 15 men (7%) have been stalked since the age of 15. And 75% of them were stalked by someone they knew. Women are participating in running in record numbers in Australia. As with many sport and recreational activities, they commonly use public spaces for running. However, several barriers hinder women’s ability to run safely. Ultimately, a collective onus of responsibility is needed to encourage women’s safe participation in running. 

According to crime data against women for the fiscal year 2077/78 in Nepal, rape attemps in Provience 1 are 167, Madhes 115, Bagmati 88, Gandaki 56, Lumbini 134, Karnali 46, and Sudarpaschim 89. This leads to a question if women are really safe in Nepal. Also any women around the world has faced sexual harresment or are raped bt someone (whether a stranger or someone they have known and trusted for awhile) they feel like it is their fault of something like that happens to them. Not only are they affected physically but mentally as well.


  • Transitional Justice in Nepal.
  • Protest to amend the Transitional Justice bill.
  • Nepal has strong laws for LGBTQI+ groups but there is a gap in implementation.
  • Victims and civil society members said the current bill drafted to amend the law favours the perpetrators and is unacceptable.
  • Bill to amend law fails to take cognisance of the use of children in insurgency, right activists say.
  •  Conflict victims and right activists have expressed concerns about some of the provisions and demanded a review.
  • Bill will not give justice to victims.
  • Are Women really safe in Nepal?
  • Niharika son’s and Shivraj DNA test to be conducted.
  • Demand to correct Transitional Justice Bill.
  • To ensure necessary changes in the bill to amend the transitional justice act.
  • Conflict victims and right activists write to the UN Secy General, alerating him of multiple flaws in the transitional justice amendment bill.
  • Conflict victims, right activists seek intervention.


Sinovac syringes being used to administer Pfizer doses to children (1st August 2022)

‘Living with Covid’: Where the pandemic could go next (1st August 2022)

895 new cases, active cases near 5,000 (1st August 2022)

17 hospitals designated for COVID-19 patients across country (1st August 2022)

Around six lakh of COVID-19 vaccines wasted (1st August 2022)

Half of COVID patients in Sudurpaschim are India returnees (2nd August 2022)

Of 16 deaths from COVID in last fortnight, 12 were unvaccinated (2nd August 2022)

Nepal achieves vaccination target ( 3rd August 2022)

EDITORIAL: Stop being careless (4th August 2022)

Nepal recorded 760 news cases in past 24 hours (4th August 2022)

Amid Covid surge, officials project a peak by August-end urging all to be cautious (4th August 2022)

Nepal shows sign of fourth wave of infection (4th August 2022)

Rupandehi lacks testing kits amid ‘alarming’ rise in cases (5th August 2022)

‘Increasing coronavirus cases signal fourth wave’ (5th August 2022)

178 thousands people fully vaccinated in Baitadi (6th August 2022)

COVID-19 fund established in Baitadi (7th August 2022)

More than 1 million people vaccinated in Karnali Province (8th August 2022)

Indian tourists infected with coronavirus barred from entering Nepal (9th August 2022)

Humla records coronavirus cases in eight months (9th August 2022)

Schools shut due to increasing COVID in Bhojpur (10th August 2022)

75 percent of those succumbed to COVID are unvaccinated-MoHP (10th August 2022)

If you haven’t, go get a booster shot against Covid. Here’s why and how to get it in Nepal (10th August 2022)

COVID-19 on upward trend in Karnali Province (11th August 2022)

Health Ministry asks COVAX to resume supply of Pfizer doses (12th August 2022)

Viral fever spikes amid rising COVID cases (12th August 2022)

Second phase vaccination for children aged 5-12 from Aug 21(13th August 2022)

Government mulls second booster shots for elderly and comorbid people (13th August 2022)

BA.5 subvariant responsible for most of new Covid infections (14th August 2022)

COVID-19 in Nepal (15th August 2022)

Children in Baitadi schools to be inoculated with Pfizer vaccines (17th August 2022)

Nepal to wait for world health body’s expert recommendation to start second boosters ( 17th August 2022)

Cases of viral fever go up in Khotang, infected health workers compelled to render services (17th August 2022)

US health agency puts Nepal on its ‘high risk’ list (18th August 2022)

COVID cases rising in far-west (18th August 2022)

“I would recommend undergoing tests for Covid even if you have symptoms of seasonal flu” (18th August 2022)

The challenging journey to reach Nepal’s communities with vaccines (19th August 2022)

Over 38,000 children to be vaccinated against COVID in Tanahun (20th August 2022)

Isolation center established due to growing COVID cases ( 20th August 2022)

Covid vaccination: Second phase for children aged 5-11 begins (21st August 2022)

Amid rising COVID cases, people still continue avoiding precautions  (21 st August 2022)

Vaccination for children aged 5-12 kicks off (22nd August 2022)

Pfizer: Updated COVID vaccine booster (23rd August 2022)

Pfizer COVID shots 73% effective in children (24th August 2022)

Sarlahi children begin receiving Pfizer vaccine (24th August 2022)

444 new cases, three deaths in 24 hours (25th August 2022) 

Health officials urge parents to get children vaccinated against COVID-19, claim Pfizer is not effective (26th August 2022)

Pandemics and misinformation (28th August 2022)

9 Vaccines Approved for Use in Nepal (29th August 2022)

Nepal braces for a fourth wave (29th August 2022)

As Covid abates, Nepal sees dengue outbreak (30th August 2022)

Nepal sees 257 new coronavirus cases in past 24 hours (30th August 2022)

कोरोना उपचारका लागि १७ अस्पताल, कुन कुनमा पाइन्छ सेवा ? (१६ साउन २०७९)

एमाले बरिष्ठ उपाध्यक्ष पोखरेललाई कोरोना संक्रमण, निमोनियाको समेत लक्षण (१६ श्रावण २०७९)

तपाईंलाई कोरोना संक्रमण भयो ? यी १७ सरकारी अस्पतालमा पाइन्छ निःशुल्क उपचार (१६ श्रावण २०७९)

कोरोना संक्रमण बढ्दो, नेपालमा आज मात्रै थपिए ९१५ संक्रमित (१८ श्रावण २०७९)

२४ घण्टामा ९ सय १५ जनामा कोरोना सङ्क्रमण ( १८ श्रावण २०७९)

प्याकेटका मासु कोरोना भाइरसको श्रोत : अनुसन्धान (२२ श्रावण २०७९)

अछाममा एकजनामा कोरोना संक्रमण पुष्टि (२२ साउन २०७९) 

बालबालिकालाई विद्यालयमै ‘फाइजर भ्याक्सिन’ (१ भदौ २०७९)

५० प्रतिशत कोरोना सङ्क्रमितमा लक्षण देखिँदैन (१ भदौ २०७९)

बुस्टर डोज नलगाउनेलाई वडाको सेवासुबिधामा रोक ( १ भदौ २०७९)


  • Covid cases are increasing day by day.
  • Vaccination target has been achieved in Nepal.
  • Nepal shows the 4th wave of infections.
  • People are getting fully vaccinated in Baitadi and Karnali.
  • Lack of testing kits in Rupandehi.
  • Hospitals are designed for covid 19 across the country.
  • Out of 16 covid deaths, 12 were unvaccinated.
  • Half of covid patients in Sudurpaschim are India returnees.
  • It is time to follow safety protocol due to corona.
  • Coronavirus cases are recorded in Humla after eight months.
  • Complementary treatment for coronavirus is provided in 17 different government hospitals.
  • Coronavirus can be found in frozen meat and fish for 30 days.
  • The vice president of CPN UML Ishwor Pokhrel has tested corona positive.
  • Children in Baitadi schools to be vaccinated with Pfizer.
  • Nepal is on the high risk list for covid.
  • Citizens who haven’t had booster shots won’t be able to get ward facilities.
  • Covid cases are rising in different regions in Nepal.
  • People are continuing to avoid coronavirus precautions.
  • Second phase of vaccinations begins of childrens aged group from 5-11.
  • Isolation centre has been established due to rise in covid cases.
  • Covid vaccination campaign for 5-12 kicks off and it covers Bhojpur, Dhankuta, Khotang,Okhaldhunga, Panchthar, Sankhwuasabha, Solukhumbu, Taplejung, Terathum and so on.
  • Vaccines approved for use in Nepal.

July 2022


Over 2.2 million paediatric doses of Covid-19 vaccine arrive from COVAX ( 2nd July 2022)

Covid resurgence and cholera outbreak pose ‘increasing challenge’ to public health ( 4th July 2022)

Nepal reports 90 new Covid-19 cases  ( 5th July 2022)

Nepal reports 113 new Covid-19 cases ( 6th July 2022)

Rising new cases could be an indication of a new coronavirus surge ( 7th July 2022)

Coronavirus explainer: Here’s everything you should know about COVID reinfections ( 7th July 2022)

Nepal reports 98 new Covid-19 cases ( 8th July 2022)

With no active vaccination campaign, over 1 million doses of Covid vaccines going to waste (8th July 2022)

Citing low booster uptake, Nepal may not seek immediate supply of Pfizer doses ( 11th July 2022)

Nepal reports 121 new Covid-19 cases ( 10th July 2022)    

Nepal reports 168 new Covid-19 cases ( 11th July 2022)

Government failure to estimate actual population size hits Covid vaccination programme (12th July 2022)

Nepal records 177 COVID cases in 24 hrs (12th July 2022)

Adults with blood cancer respond to booster dose ( 11th July 2022)

People seen flouting COVID safety protocols ( 12th July 2022)

New coronavirus sub variants BA.5 and BA.2.75 cause alarm (13th July 2022)

What is the Covid BA.5 variant and why is it reinfecting so many people? (14th July 2022)

Pandemic behind ‘largest backslide in childhood vaccination in a generation’: UN ( 15th July 2022)

Corona spreads in Morang Prison, one dies, 18 hospitalized (15th July 2022)

25 million kids missed routine vaccinations because of COVID (15th July 2022)

Nepal on the brink of another Covid wave as infections rise ( 16th July 2022)

Nepal records first Covid-19 death in 73 days ( 17th July 2022)

Why COVID-19 booster shots are essential? (17th July 2022)

Second dose of COVID-19 shots to be administered to kids between 5 to 12 years in 27 districts (18th July 2022)

COVID-19 cases spreading in Gulmi ( 18th July 2022)

Latest COVID surge leading to another health emergency in Nepal (18th July 2022)

Nawalparasi local administration urges people to compulsorily wear facemasks ( 18th July 2022)

Covid vaccination for 5-11 year olds affected by syringe shortage (19th July 2022)

Create public awareness against COVID-19′ (19th July 2022)

Covid Nepal: New variants’ infection is on the rise. It’s time to follow protocols again (19th July 2022)

This is why COVID-19 graph is rising in Nepal ( 19th July 2022)

Novel coronavirus manipulates cells to replicate ( 19th July 2022)

Corona positivity rate over 10% after five months (19th July 2022)

As coronavirus infections rise suddenly, authorities step up booster vaccination (20th July 2022)

Pandemic effects on periods ( 20th July 2022)

Pandemic effects on periods (20th July 2022)

High blood pressure may double risk of severe COVID (21st July 2022)

MoHP urges people not to drop guard as COVID cases spike (23rd July 2022)

Corona virus seen in people, returning from India (24th July 2022)

Nepal records 568 COVID-19 cases on Monday (25th July 2022)

Booster jabs for 12–17-year-olds being rolled out from today (25th July 2022)

Govt urged to issue ‘white paper’ on COVID-19 (25th July 2022)

Why does Nepal waste vaccines? (25th July 2022)

For some people, Covid-19 causes long-term effects, taking both physical and mental toll (27th July 2022)

Coronavirus infection increasing in Sudurpaschim Province (27th July 2022)

Complacency puts vulnerable population at higher risk of Covid infection (28th July 2022)

Newly developed vaccine patch can fight variants more effectively: Researchers (28th July 2022)

Reinfection, severe outcome more common with BA.5 variant; virus spike protein toxic to heart cells (29th July 2022)

एकै दिन थप १७७ जनामा कोरोना संक्रमण पुष्टि (२०७९ असार २८ गते)

बढ्दै कोरोना संक्रमण, एकैदिन थपिए ५३ संक्रमित (१९ असार २०७९)

नेपालमा आज थपिए ४० जना कोरोना संक्रमित ( २० असार २०७९)

खोपको सर्वसुलभ पहुँचका लागि अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय समुदायलाई नेपालको अनुरोध (असार २३ २०७९)

ललितपुर महानगरका प्रमुख महर्जनलाई कोरोना सङ्क्रमण (२४ असार २०७९)

सीमा क्षेत्रमा बढ्दै कोरोना संक्रमण (२४ असार २०७९)

काभ्रेमा पाँचजनामा कोरोना सङ्क्रमण (२७ असार २०७९)

डोटी जिल्ला पूर्णखोप सुनिश्चितता तथा दिगोपना घोषणा ( २७ असार २०७९ )

बाँकेमा पुनः तीन जनामा कोरोना सङ्क्रमण (१७ असार २०७९)

बुटवल कोभिड विरुद्धको पूर्ण खोप सुनिश्चित उपमहानगर घोषण (१७ असार २०७९)


  • Another covid wave hits Nepal.
  • Covid cases are increasing day by day.
  • A million doses of covid vaccine are going to waste because of no active vaccination campaign.
  • Corona spreads in different districts of Nepal.
  • Nepal records first covid death after May.
  • Shortage of covid vaccination of second dose for 5-11 years old children in Kathmandu and other districts.
  • Covid safety protocols should be implemented.
  • Public awareness against covid should be done.
  • The rise of covid in borders.
  • Coronavirus sub variants BA.5 and BA.2.75 cause alarm.
  • Government to issue white paper on covid-19.
  • Face Masks should be compulsory.
  • Booster jab from age 12-11 is being rolled out.
  • The importance of covid 19 shots.

June 2022


Another COVID wave in Nepal? (June 7 2022)

Nepal reports 15 new Covid-19 cases (June 12 2022)

Nepal reports seven new Covid-19 cases (June 14 2022)

COVID-19 in Nepal ( June 12 2022)

Pfizer doses for children arriving next week, to be rolled out on June 23
(June 13 2022)

Nepal reports 28 new Covid-19 cases (June 21 2022)

Vaccine against COVID-19 to be provided to children aged 5 to 11 years from June 23 (June 20 2022)

Two lakh children to get vaccine from tomorrow ( June 22 2022)

First phase of vaccination for 5–11-year-olds begins (June 24 2022)

Nepal reports 43 new Covid-19 cases ( June 24 2022)

COVID vaccines saved 20M lives in 1st year, scientists say (June2022)

Nepal reports 27 new Covid-19 cases ( June 25 2022)

Nepal reports 29 new Covid-19 cases (June 26 2022)
Nepal reports 41 new Covid-19 cases (June 27 2022)

Covid cases rise more than two-fold in last two weeks ( June 27 2022)

36 new cases, 20 recoveries in 24 hours ( June 27 2022)

फेरि बढ्न सक्छ कोरोना (२४ जेष्ठ २०७९)

भारतबाट फर्किएकामा देखिन थाल्यो कोरोना सङ्क्रमण (२१ जेष्ठ २०७९)

कोरोना संक्रमितलाई फोक्सोमा रगत जम्ने समस्याः अध्ययन (१९ जेष्ठ २०७९)

कोरोना बिमा भुक्तानी दिन अदालतको आदेश (१६ जेष्ठ २०७९)

कोरोनापछि ब्युँतिएको पर्यटन (२९ जेठ २०७९)

कोरोना बिमाको रकम भुक्तानी गर्न आदेश ( १७ जेठ २०७९)

थप ३४ जनामा कोरोना संक्रमण, १५ डिस्चार्ज (०३ असार २०७९ )

पछिल्लो २४ घन्टामा १२ जना कोरोना संक्रमित थपिए  (३१ जेठ २०७९)

थप २९ जनामा कोरोना संक्रमण पुष्टि ( १२ असार २०७९)


  • Covid cases are increasing in Nepal.
  • CDC will no longer require air passenger travelling from foriegn country to United States to show a negative Covid 19 viral test.
  • Pfizer dose for children is arriving on June 23.
  • 12 people were tested covid positive in the last 24 hours.
  • Covid vaccine to be provided to children aged 5-11 from June 23.
  • Studies say that corona positive people are most likely to have blood clots in their lungs.
  • Tourism sector in our country is recovering from Covid 19.
  • Court orders for the payment of corona insurance.
  • Pfizer dose has arrived and the first phase of vaccination for 5-11 years old begins.
  • Covid has increased more than two fold in the last two weeks.

May 2022


Over 3 million Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses to be rolled out after local elections  (9th May 2022)

Pfizer says 3 COVID shots protect children under 5 (13th May 2022)

National COVID-19 EPI Dashboard (22nd May 2022)

 COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Updates, COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Update for Children Ages 5 – 11 (27th May 2022)

Health Ministry preparing to roll out Covid jabs for children aged 5–11 years (28th May 2022)

April 2022

Nepal records 14 COVID-19 cases on Friday (29 April 2022)

Nepal logs 21 new Covid-19 cases (25 April 2022)

Ministry set to launch nationwide Covid-19 booster campaign (20 April 2022)

Ministry of Health urges all to follow health safety protocols (21 April 2022)

New Covid surge in India a cause for concern in Nepal (19 April 2022)

Omicron-specific Sinopharm, Sinovac Covid vaccine candidates cleared for clinical trial (18 April 2022)

COVID vaccine availability increased in last one year (16 April 2022)

As local elections draw closer, Covid vaccination rate declines further (14 April 2022)

Poorer nations shun AstraZeneca Covid vaccine: Document (14 April 2022)

Managerial efficiency in question as thousands of Covid-19 vaccine doses are set to expire (11 April 2022)

Booster dose to be given within three months of vaccination against COVID-19 (3 April 2022)

Those who received second Covid jab three months ago to get booster shot (2 April 2022)

कोरोनाविरुद्धको पूर्ण खोप लगाएको ३ महिनाभित्र बुस्टर डोज लगाउन मिल्ने (22 April 2022)

अनुदानमा आउन लागेको एक करोड खोप किन अस्वीकार गर्‍यो सरकारले ? (17 April 2022)

निर्वाचन आयोगको जोड सम्पूर्ण नेपाली नागरिकलाई पूर्ण खोप (12 April 2022)

पूर्ण खोप लगाएको ३ महिनामै अब बुस्टर डोज (3 April 2022)

लक्षित जनसङ्ख्याको १८ प्रतिशतले मात्र पूर्ण खोप पाउन बाँकी (1 April 2022)

April Highlights:

  • Increasing COVID cases in India a cause of concern for Nepal
  • The Ministry of Health has warned people to continue taking precautions and safety measures
  • Government has launched campaign for booster dose distribution all over the country
  • Most of the targeted groups have received second dose of COVID vaccine
  • Despite elections COVID vaccine rate is not improved

March 2022

Nepal receives over 556,640 doses of Sinovac-CoronaVac Covid-19 vaccine (29 March 2022)

As uptake of Covid-19 vaccines drops, Pfizer doses to be supplied on demand (27 March 2022)

As Nepal’s own Covid vaccination deadline nears, several local units have stopped providing jabs (25 March 2022)

Rich countries getting new COVID vaccine before poorer ones (24 March 2022)

5-11-year-olds likely to get jabs from COVAX (23 March 2022)

Unequal vaccine distribution (23 March 2022)

93 percent of target group vaccinated against COVID-19 (20 March 2022) 

Another COVID wave looms, govt dithering on jabs (19 March 2022)

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine greatly reduces risk of Omicron infection among children: CDC (12 March 2022)

Government asks all 753 local units to speed up Covid vaccination (11 March 2022)

Nepal’s booster shot pace dismal, despite drive starting weeks before WHO advisory (10 March 2022)

Death toll surpasses 6 million for pandemic now in 3rd year (8 march 2022)

Death toll nears 6 million as pandemic enters its 3rd year (7 March 2022)

Covid-19 vaccination to all unlikely before local elections (7 March 2022)

COVAX to supply 1.5 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on March 25 (7 March 2022)

Nepal buying jabs for kids despite sub-par results (4 March 2022)

‘All citizens should be vaccinated against COVID -19 by local level elections’ (3 March 2022)

Nepal ranked fourth in South-East Asia in vaccination drive (2 March 2022)

All citizens should be vaccinated against COVID-19 before elections: National Assembly Chair Timilisina (2 March 2022)

घट्न थाले खोप लगाउने (27 March 2022)

९३.१ प्रतिशतले लगाए कोराना भाइरसविरुद्धको खोप (24 March 2022)

खोप लगाउने धेरै भएकाले कोभिड भइहाले निको हुने सम्भावना बढी (20 March 2022)

नेपालमा तीन करोड ९२ लाख मात्र खोप लगाइयो (19 March 2022)

कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप सहजै उपलब्ध (11 March 2022)

८८ लाख कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप अझै आवश्यक (1 March 2022)

निर्वाचन तयारीका लागि २६ बुँदे निर्देशन: आयोगले खोज्यो पूर्ण खोपको सुनिश्चितता (1 March 2022)

March Highlights:

  • The Election Commission asking for full vaccination of all voters before the local elections
  • COVID vaccination for all not projected to be achieved before the local elections
  • Nepal ranked fourth in South East Asia vaccination drive
  • Nepal’s booster dose shot dismal despite an early start
  • Unequal vaccine distribution throughout different regions of Nepal

February 2022

Nepal asks Int’l community to make vaccines accessible to all (27 Feb 2022)

Government signs non-disclosure deal to buy 8.4 million Pfizer doses for 5-11 year olds (26 Feb 2022)

Covid booster uptake remains low (24 Feb 2022)

COVAX to provide Nepal 9.2 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine  (22 Feb 2022)

Lalitpur metropolis administering Covid-19 vaccine booster dose from today (21 Feb 2022)

Phase III trials of Chinese mRNA Covid vaccine in Nepal cancelled (21 Feb 2022)

Short AstraZeneca shelf life complicates Covid vaccine rollout to world’s poorest (16 Feb 2022)

Ministry says it rejected millions of COVAX-offered Covid shots with short shelf life (16 Feb 2022)

Vaccine mishandling led to wastage of over 50,000 doses: Report (16 Feb 2022)

Musahar people lag behind in vaccination (14 Feb 2022)

Over 69,000 vaccinated against COVID-19 in Jumla (13 Feb 2022)

People reluctant to visit vaccination centres in Rukum Purba (7 Feb 2022)

Vaccination drive halted in some districts since November (6 Feb 2022)

Over 1.6 million vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sudurpaschim (4 Feb 2022)

Half of Nepal’s population is fully vaccinated (3 Feb 2022)

कोरोनाविरुद्धको पूर्ण खोपयुक्त पालिका बनाउने अभियानमा चाँगुनारायण

२४ घण्टामा आठ लाख ७३ हजार भन्दा बढीले लगाए कोरोना भाइरस विरुद्धको खोप

बागमती प्रदेशमा ९६ प्रतिशतले कोरोना सङ्क्रमणविरुद्ध खोप लगाए

हुम्लामा ७१ प्रतिशतभन्दा बढीले लगाए कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप

सरकारले १८ वर्ष माथिका सबैलाई कोरोना विरुद्धको खोप दिने

सरकारी सेवा सुविधा विरलै पुग्ने बस्तीका सबैले लगाए कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप

दैलेखमा एक लाख २० हजारले लगाए कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप

February Highlights:

  • Vaccine booster dose administration continued in various parts of the country but booster uptake still low
  • Vaccine mishandling led to wastage of a big stock of vaccines
  • Musahar people left behind in vaccination
  • People reluctant to visit vaccination centers in Rukum purba
  • The number of vaccinated people consistently increasing throughout the country
  • The short shell life of Astrazeneca creating problems
  • Vaccine wastage and improper management of distribution becoming a problem

January 2022

Japan provides aid to Nepal to strengthen vaccine cold chain system

Over 3.2 million take COVID-19 shots in Lumbini province (31 Jan 2022)

Over 3.8 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine are in stock. 2.1 million doses to arrive soon

AstraZeneca to be administered as second dose and booster

Vaccination drive snags in Lumbini due to shortage of syringes, vaccines

Nepal’s Vero Cell stock not enough for second doses and boosters

1.3 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines donated by France, Italy arrive in Nepal today (26 Jan 2022)

World Bank-financed Moderna vaccines arrive in Nepal to protect children and youth from COVID 19 (25 Jan 2022)

‘People of Lumbini to be vaccinated by March 14’ (25 Jan 2022)

Over 1.6 million Moderna doses have arrived on Monday

Four million Moderna doses arriving on Monday and Tuesday

50 per cent Madhes Pradesh population fully vaccinated against coronavirus

Vaccine cards are a must for boosters, but many have already lost theirs

Nepal not to accept vaccines with short shelf life (20 Jan 2022)

Up to 1.5 million vaccine doses missing, claims health secretary (19 Jan 2022)

People were called for boosters. And they were returned without one

Nepal starts giving COVID-19 vaccine booster shots (17 Jan 2022)

Booster shots to be provided to frontline workers starting Sunday

Authorities fail to boost vaccination rate even as coronavirus cases surge

Nepal receives 1,184,000 doses of Vero Cell vaccine bought through COVAX

Vaccination card mandatory to use public amenities from January 21

Third dose of COVID vaccine for vulnerable postponed (5 Jan 2022)

लुम्बिनी प्रदेशमा ३३ लाखभन्दा बढीले लगाए कोरोना खोप

धनगढीमा घरमै कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप

पछिल्लो २४ घण्टामा साढे पाँच लाख बढीले लगाए कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप

कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप लगाउन घरदैलोमै स्वास्थ्यकर्मी

उपल्लो डोल्पाका सर्वसाधारणले कोरोनाविरुद्धको खोप नपाउने

January Highlights:

  • Vaccine distribution not equal throughout the country
  • The number of vaccinated people increasing throughout the country
  • Vaccine import is continuing in Nepal
  • Booster dose administration began in Nepal
  • Over a million vaccine doses missing in Nepal
  • Nepal’s verocell stock not enough for booster dose for all
  • Improper management causing problems for vaccine distribution in many places

December 2021

Curtailing civil liberties in Nepal, one legislation at a time

Truth Commission wraps up 29 war-era cases of atrocities, victims unhappy

Global alliance to wait for court decision before deciding on rights watchdog’s status

Dhanusha attorney office says no need to probe Musahar’s custodial death

Travesty of justice in Nepal

Government failed its people during pandemic, rights organisations say

Nepal must raise Rohingya crisis issue, say human rights activists

High courts intervene after police refuse to register conflict-era disappearance complaints

Transitional justice is once again being used as a tool for political one-upmanship, conflict victims say

Govt urged to ratify UN convention on statelessness

Call to amend laws discriminating people with psychological disability

NHRC takes stock of situation of freed haliyas in Bajura

NHRC laments non-cooperation of government

Human rights still a far cry for many

‘Nepal must deliver on promise of social justice’

मानवअधिकार उल्लङ्घनका घटनामा कमी

सूचनाको हक नागरिक अधिकार

श्रमिकका अधिकार कागजमै सीमित

मानवअधिकार आयोगको वार्षिक प्रतिवेदन राष्ट्रपतिसमक्ष पेश

अपाङ्गता भएका व्यक्तिको अधिकारसम्बन्धी ऐन कार्यान्वयन हुन्छ : मन्त्री रेग्मी

नागरिकलाई न्याय, साझा दायित्व

‘वन नियमावली मस्यौदामा उपभोक्ता अधिकार खोसियो’

बेपत्ता पारिएका व्यक्तिका परिवारले न्याय पाउन् : यादव

‘न्याय क्षेत्रमा बिचौलियाको बिगबिगी’

‘लास पायौं, न्याय पाएनौं’

November 2021

Amnesty Nepal calls for urgent, concerted action to prevent custodial deaths

Transitional justice bodies spar over who should look into which cases

Conflict victims losing patience—and lives—in wait for justice

National Human Rights Commission demands end to impunity through justice delivery

Transitional justice has failed former child soldiers

Where is peace without justice?

Human Rights Watch criticises the government’s move to undermine citizen’s rights to organize

International rights groups call for an end to Nepal Supreme Court crisis

Call to end violence against women

UN human rights expert to visit Nepal to assess poverty

15 years on, peace pact irrelevant for victims

Nine lawyers hurt in police action

Conflict victims condemn govt for failing to amend act

सबै प्रकारका मानवअधिकार हननका घटना बाहिर ल्याउन आग्रह

साइबर सुरक्षा र मानव अधिकार

सामाजिक सुरक्षा सामाजिक न्यायको अनिवार्य सर्त हो

द्वन्द्वपीडितले न्याय नपाएको गुनासाे

न्याय खोज्दै रुकुमदेखि बागलुङ

अधिकार खोसिँदा पालिकालाई झमेला

October 2021

Writ filed at Supreme Court demanding order to justices to resume hearings

Justice seekers hit by judicial deadlock

Dalit representatives complain of social discrimination

Despite laws in place, justice still out of reach for Dalits in Nepal

National Human Rights Commission’s probe finds yet another case of extrajudicial killing

To pile pressure for action, human rights commission lists 286 violators

A long and arduous walk for justice

The pursuit of justice

Rohingya refugees who once saw Nepal as ‘promised land’ now stare at uncertain future

NHRC starts monitoring disaster-hit areas

Govt to reveal facts on death in detention centre

NHRC calls for impartial investigation into Motipur incident

‘एक वर्षमा ११७ दलित मानव अधिकार हननका घटना’

उद्धार, राहत र पुन:स्थापनामा तीव्रता दिन मानव अधिकार आयोगको आग्रह

संविधान संशोधन नभएसम्म मधेसको अधिकार सुनिश्चित हुँदैन अध्यक्ष ठाकुर

न्याय माग्दै हिरासतभित्रै आमरण अनशन

न्याय माग्‍नेलाई तितरबितर पार्दै प्रहरी

न्याय खोज्दै माइतीघरमा रिले अनशनमा बसेकालाई मध्यरातमा मानव सेवा आश्रम लगियो

न्याय माग्दा धरपकड

न्याय खोज्दै नेपालगन्जबाट २० दिन हिँडेर काठमाडौं

September 2021

Women and activists see red over pink tax

Nepal’s response to Covid-19 failed to ensure people’s right to health, report says

Eminent feminist, rights activist and writer Kamla Bhasin dies at 75

NHRC urges govt not to violate citizens’ right to stage peaceful protests

Nepal to wrap up evacuation of its citizens from Afghanistan on September 18

Kathmandu mayor says garbage collection will resume today

Kathmandu schools are reopening next week but many parents and experts are worried

At least nine people dead in separate incidents of floods and landslides

Tourism industry is in trouble, but government’s response is tepid

Parbat landslides kill at least 11 people, power outage throughout district

Three die in separate landslides in Pokhara

Body of boy lost in sewer found after 5 days

Pile of trash!

‘राज्यका सबै निकायमा महिलाको समानुपातिक सहभागिता आवश्यक’

आजदेखि काठमाडौंमा मेला, महोत्सव, जुलुस गर्न रोक

विद्युत महसुल समायोजन गर्दै आयोग, मङ्सिरबाट वृद्धि गर्ने तयारी

महाकाली नदीमा झोलुङ्गे पुल निर्माणकार्य अघि बढाउन माग

कोरोना बीमाको भुक्तानी प्रक्रिया थालिने

अशक्त नागरिकको घरमै नागरिकता वितरण

मानव बेचबिखन तथा ओसारपसार नियन्त्रणमा कैलाली प्रहरी सर्वोत्कृष्ट

राजधानीमै डेरामा जातीय विभेद : दीपा र करुणाले पाएनन् न्याय

न्याय खोज्न नेपालगन्जदेखि सिंहदरबारसम्म पैदल

August 2021

Nepal agrees to decriminalise abortion

Ensure security of Afghans and other citizens: AWC

Report about untouchability to be tabled in HoR

Govt urged to save Nepalis stranded in Afghanistan

Woman held for trafficking 25 victims

Civil society group urges Nepal to summon emergency meeting of SAARC to discuss Afghan crisis

Jajarkot: Ward chair arrested for assaulting youth

People-to-people at India-Nepal border

‘Utilise amount collected as pollution control fee’

On Afghanistan, Nepal to pursue a neutral position at present, officials say

‘Time is running out’: Desperation grows among Nepalis stuck in Afghanistan

18 years on, justice still a far cry for people killed by Nepali Army in Doramba

Social media: activism or amusement?

Government’s talk of expediting transitional justice process fails to convince conflict victims

As more universities are in the pipeline experts ask if Nepal needs so many

Rape cases increased by 18.19pc last fiscal

Case filed against SSB personnel accused of involvement in Darchula incident, Indian side denies involvement

Failure to probe migrant workers’ deaths leaves families in despair

The Economics of Increasing Minimum Wage

MCC ratification uncertain as ruling alliance struggles to make a position

जयसिंह धामी बेपत्ता छानबिन समितिले प्रतिवेदन बुझायो, कार्यान्वयन गर्न निर्देशन

अपाङ्गमैत्री कानुनको प्रभावकारी कार्यान्वयनमा जोड

अझै पन्छिएन कर्णाली करिडोरको पहिरो, यातायात ठप्प, यात्रुलाई सास्ती

समान अधिकार माग्दै लन्डनमा भूतपूर्व गोर्खाले थाले आमरण अनशन

July 2021 

Stakeholders discuss ways to complete remaining tasks of peace process

Policy to deny entry to unjabbed workers is discriminatory, rights groups say

Rights commission tells global body ‘court will test legality of key appointments’

Cases of missing person go up during Covid-19 pandemic, police records show

Transitional justice bodies get new term but conflict victims have little hope

Government promotes police officer involved in extrajudicial killings

SC tells police to book ex-minister Shrestha

Nepal’s caste struggle

‘A’ status of rights commission under threat due to controversial appointments

Nepal must work on human rights

Crime Victim Protection Act issued

Two transitional justice commissions getting another term extension

Hearing on House dissolution case concludes with amici curiae divided

As internet becomes more essential, complaints of poor service increase

Repatriating Nepal’s stolen artefacts

Casteism is likely to continue in Nepal, and it’s unfortunate

Chitwan woman, reportedly abducted, found dead after 9 days

म्याग्दीमा पहिरोले गुर्जा खोला थुनियो, तटीय क्षेत्रमा सतर्कता अपनाउन आग्रह

नहरमा डुबेर चितवनमा दुईको मृत्यु

सुर्खेतका बाढीपीडित ७ वर्षदेखि त्रिपालमै

महाकालीमा तुईन काट्ने एसएसबी विरुद्ध भारतीय प्रहरीमा उजुरी

तनहुँ जलविद्युत आयोजनाको थप दुई सुरुङमार्ग सम्पन्न

सडक पहिरोमा परिणत, आवतजावतमा सास्ती

प्रहरीद्वारा हुम्लामा गाँजा नष्ट

कर्णालीमा सय प्रतिशत रोपाइँ – भोकमरीको चपेटामा नपर्ने सङ्केत

महोत्तरीमा बालकको शव भेटियो, बाबुआमा पक्राउ

शिक्षकको आन्दोलनले विद्यार्थीले परीक्षा दिन पाएनन्

June 2021

‘Destruction caused by floodwaters in Melamchi bazaar’

‘At least 15 feared missing in Melamchi flood’

‘Ten feared killed in Sindhupalchowk flood’

‘Govt urged to provide relief to underprivileged, needy people’

‘No safe space’

‘As destinations require vaccination, foreign employment takes another hit’

‘Nepal has not seen a single conviction for torture and custodial deaths in the past three years’

‘Right to bodily autonomy under threat, say activists’

‘KMC unveils Rs 18.95 bn budget for next fiscal’

‘A reconstituted bench to hear petitions against House dissolution’

‘Scars of the Maoist conflict’

‘Discrimination cases got worse during pandemic, Dalit rights advocates say’

‘Ujwal Thapa, who ignited a movement of alternative politics, dies at 44’

‘Three men arrested on charge of sexually assaulting two Raute girls’

‘Flood devastation in Melamchi not only because of rains’

‘All eyes on Chief Justice Rana, as crisis deepens in the judiciary’

‘Uncertainty reigns over education sector with no signs of the pandemic ending soon’

‘Election Commission’s selective way of decisions comes into question’

‘Judiciary in the dock as justices come into question’

‘France provides medical support to Nepal to fight against COVID-19’

बाढी र पहिरोबाट मुलुकभर २७ जनाको मृत्यु,२६ वेपत्ता

पर्सामा बाढीले चार घर भत्कायो, दर्जनौं घर डुबानमा, हुलाकी सडकमा समेत क्षति

छुवाछूत घटनाका दोषीलाई संरक्षण नगर्न आग्रह

पहिरोले बिरामी बाटोमै अलपत्र

May 2021

‘Human Rights Watch calls on Nepal government to act urgently to avert a looming Covid-19 crisis’

‘National Human Rights Commission tells government that Covid-19 patients are being deprived of their right to health’

‘Campaigners join global call for lawful postings at Human Rights Commission’

‘NHRC for effective health services for COVID patients’

‘NHRC urges govt to handle health crisis effectively’

‘Child marriage – when will it be over?’

‘An oath of office when people are gasping for breath as well as answers’

‘Youths using social media for better utilisation of resources amid COVID crisis’

‘Chief justice in dock for attending council meet’

‘Oli’s virus ‘situation under control’ remark meets with criticism’

‘Lawmakers get second dose of vaccine while citizens are still waiting for theirs’

‘Political instability an excuse to delay justice, conflict victims say’

‘Pandemic further pushes already 14-month long academic session’

‘Data discrepancy amid virus crisis could spell disaster’

कोभिड: कोरोनाभाइरस महामारीले हाम्रा सपनालाई कसरी प्रभावित गरिरहेको छ?

भारतीय कामदारलाई उड्न अनुमति, नेपालीलाई छैन

६६ जिल्लाका आधारभूत विद्यालयमा इन्टरनेट जडान गरिने

मूल्य नपाउँदा खेतबारीमा नै कुहिन थाल्यो तरकारी

April 2021

‘AI paints dismal picture of human rights in Nepal’

‘UN experts concerned about independence, integrity of NHRC’

‘National Human Rights Commission says schoolchildren at risk of virus infections’

‘Shocked at dog’s killing, hundreds take to streets’

‘Justice eludes rape victims in six South Asian countries, including Nepal’

‘Animals are killed brutally time and again, but perpetrators are hardly booked’

‘How rigid provisions are hobbling Nepal’s political process’

‘NHRC urges govt to pay heed to children’s health’

‘Politics in the midst of a pandemic as people suffer’

‘Face-to-face learning has stopped but schools continuing in-person exams’

‘Oli counts success of the government while Covid-19 gradually grips the country’

स्वास्थ्य प्रणालीले थेग्नै नसक्ने गरी संक्रमण बढ्याे : स्वास्थ्य मन्त्रालय

ओलीनिकटलाई महत्त्वपूर्ण समिति

छुवाछूतको भाइरस !

आजको सन्दर्भमा सामाजिक न्याय

March 2021

‘Nepal’s Human Rights Commission’s integrity in jeopardy, three international human rights groups say’

‘Global bodies’ statements against country’s sovereignty, says NHRC’

‘Jurisdictions of human rights protection ambiguous: NHRC’

‘Nepal among countries that failed to provide fair treatment to prisoners during pandemic, Amnesty International says’

‘Break the cycle of impunity for rape: Repeal statute of limitations’

‘Judiciary in the spotlight as political process is halted’

‘Democracy should promote social justice’

‘Political instability an excuse to delay justice, conflict victims say’

‘Social media is ‘dangerous’ to women journalists in Nepal’

नेपाल मानव अधिकार तथा सान्ति समाजको कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न

सरकार अविचलित निष्ठाका साथ अघि बढ्छ : प्रधानमन्त्री ओली

February 2021

 ‘Nepal committed to promoting, protecting human rights, says Minister Gyawali’

‘As World Cup draws closer, Nepalis continue to die in Qatar’

‘New rule for under-40 women’s foreign travel draws ire as patriarchal and preposterous’

‘Nepal failed to stand up for democratic values while reacting to military coup in Myanmar, analysts say’

‘Special provisions for security of human rights defenders’

‘Nepal needs to amend human trafficking laws to fully enforce Palermo Protocol, experts say’

‘Prez Bhandari issues ordinance to extend terms of TRC, CIEDP and their commissioners’s

‘Smash rape culture’

‘NHRC to monitor probe into Baitadi rape, murder’

‘NHRC urges govt to save Ganga Maya’

‘Tenure of two transitional justice bodies to be extended but this is not enough, stakeholders say’

‘To reclaim democracy, citizens hold Tundikhel march’

‘NHRC calls for justice to social boycott survivors’

‘Eliminating gender based violence’

‘Nepal Plans to Limit Women’s Travel for Work, Again’

‘समावेशी विकासको औचित्य: आर्थिक स्रोतको न्यायोचित वितरण र सामाजिक एकताका लागि समावेशी विकासका अवधारणा कार्यान्वयन गर्न राज्यका निकाय क्रियाशील हुनुपर्छ’

‘अहिंस्रक प्रतिरोध: अहिंसात्मक बाटोमा हिँड्न झन् बढी साहस चाहिन्छ । यो साहस उसैमा हुन सक्छ, जसलाई आफू सत्यको पथमा छु भन्ने लाग्छ’

‘संघीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्रलाई कसैले तलमाथि पार्ने नसोचे हुन्छ : प्रधानमन्त्री ओली’

‘मानवाधिकार उल्लङ्घनका गम्भीर घटनाका दोषीलाई आममाफी हुँदैन’

January 2021

Impunity continued in Nepal in 2020, Human Rights Watch says

Govt urged to implement NHRC recommendations

NHRC urges govt to ensure implementation of its past recommendations

Nepal has made little progress on transitional justice, Amnesty International Nepal says

‘No blanket amnesty in cases of serious rights violation’

Visit visa misuse amounting to human trafficking leaves Nepal officials in a fix

Save Ganga Maya, ensure justice for her, says NHRC

Religious minorities, marginalised people more vulnerable to humanitarian crisis

‘Pandemic hits all sectors, vulnerable groups’

Suicide cases on the rise in Dhading

Under Biden, hope for Nepali migrants in US

Lawyers spell out flaws in PM’s move

संयुक्त राष्ट्रसङ्घमा नेपालको मानवअधिकार समीक्षा: सङ्क्रमणकालीन न्याय र दण्डहीनताबारे गम्भीर प्रश्न

द्वन्द्वका बेला मानवअधिकार उल्लंघनका गम्भीर विषयहरुमा पूर्ण रुपमा आममाफी हुँदैन: परराष्ट्र मन्त्री ज्ञवाली

मानव अधिकार सुनिश्चित गर्न नेपाल सरकार दृढ छ : परराष्ट्रमन्त्री ज्ञवाली

सामान्यीकरण : बढ्दो जातीय हिंसा तथा अपराधको कारण

भ्रष्टाचार र मानव अधिकार

राष्ट्रिय मानव अधिकार आयोगद्वारा सरकारको ध्यानाकर्षण

December 2020

‘Chhau sheds destroyed in Achham’

Government failed its people during pandemic, rights organisations say

‘Rights violation rampant in Nepal, says AHRC’

‘No amnesty for human rights violations’

Country’s poor human rights situation continues: NHRC

Nepal’s human rights situation didn’t improve as expected, reports commission

Human Rights National Magna Meet conclude

Call to protect rights of migrant workers, their families

Transitional justice is once again being used as a tool for political one-upmanship, conflict victims say

National Women Commission remains defunct as the cases of violence against women continues

Ordinance amends law on rape but fails to recognise rape of boy child and sexual minorities

“१२ औँ मानवअधिकार राष्ट्रिय महाभेला बुधबारबाट सुरु हुने”

“१२ औं मानवअधिकार राष्ट्रिय महाभेला बुधबारबाट सुरु हुने”

आज ७२औ विश्व मानव अधिकार दिवस

November 2020

Rape Cases Surge in Nepal, Activists Question Death Penalty

Nepal stalls on war crime probes – Rights groups say failure to prosecute risks more abuses in future

‘Fourteen years on, victims of the armed conflict are still awaiting justice’

Failure to prosecute perpetrators promoting fresh abuses, warn rights groups

Rights bodies accuse Nepal of stalling justice for conflict-era crimes

If the human rights commission is not independent, questions can be raised on intl platforms

Rape cases up in Dashain

Ain’t we women: Multiple marginalisations of Dalit women in Nepal

शान्ति सम्झौताको संक्रमणकालीन न्यायको मर्मलाई कार्यान्वयनमा ल्याउन इन्सेकको माग

October 2020

To pile pressure for action, human rights commission lists 286 violators

National Human Rights Commission’s probe finds yet another case of extrajudicial killing

Amid poor human rights record, Nepal presents rosy picture in its Universal Periodic Review report

National Human Rights Commission calls on government not to run away from its duty to treat Covid-19 patients

Women’s empowerment only path to justice, peace, progress: Prez Bhandari

Why Dr KC’s demands matter even more today as country battles the pandemic

‘The commission is completely under the shadow of patriarchy’

Victims of crimes continue to be at the receiving end of panchayat justice

Overcrowded prisons pose challenge for keeping inmates safe

राष्ट्रसंघीय मानव अधिकार परिषद्‍मा नेपाल फेरि निर्वाचित

राष्ट्र संघ मानव अधिकार परिषदको सदस्यमा नेपाल फेरि चुनियो, नेपाललाई १५० मत

राष्ट्रसङ्घीय मानव अधिकार परिषद्‍को सदस्य नेपाल किन अरू देशको नाम लिएर बोल्दैन?

गरिबी अन्त्य र समृद्धि स्थापना गर्ने सरकारको ध्येय : प्रधानमन्त्री ओली

नेकपा मानव अधिकारको हिमायती हो : महासचिव पौडेल

September 2020

Amid no progress, pandemic could become an excuse to delay justice to the conflict-era victims

UN rapporteurs concerned over proposed citizenship law

Rigmarole of transitional justice in Nepal: Hopes and fears

Government committed to ending hunger, says Prime Minister Oli

Climate change existential threat to humanity: Oli

Chief Justice committed to implementing constitution

Harsh laws are prepared but not always implemented effectively, past records show

Distribution of school book on Nepal’s borders and territory halted after Cabinet decision

In attempts to protect their colleagues, police don’t register first information reports against them

बोक्सीको आरोप: ‘तराईतिर दशैँको बेला बोक्सी सक्रिय हुन्छन् भन्ने अन्धविश्वास छ’

संविधानलाई कानूनी दस्तावेज मात्र नभएर जनताको जीवन पद्धतिका रूपमा लिनुपर्छ : प्रधानन्यायाधीश

मानव अधिकार परिसदमा नेपालको पु:न उम्मेद्वारी

अतिअशक्तको सामाजिक सुरक्षा भत्ता नरोक्न आग्रह