Local Election and Human Right!

31 July, 2017 Bardibas, Mahottari, Nepal

National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice (Human Rights Alliance) Province 2 organized interaction program on “Local Election and Human Right! Impartial and Transparent Environment, Basis for Casting Vote!!” onJuly 31, 2017 at Bardibas, Mahottari, Province 2. The program was conducted aiming to explore issues related to the prospect of upcoming local election (on 18 September, 2017) in Province 2 with regard to human rights and related issues and also to discuss on human rights condition in Province 2.

In the program, representatives from HRA Executive Board Members, Central Committee Members, District Members, and participants from concerning districts were present. The program was chaired by Usha Pokhrel, Coordinator, Human Rights Alliance, Province 2. Chief Guests were Bijaya Subba, Central Member of UML and Min Bahadur Shahi, President, Human Rights Alliance. Other guests in the program were Samir Nepal, Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada, Bijaya Datta, Sarita Dhungana, Chandra Bahadur, Man Mohan, Sharada Thapa, Bin Bahadur, Nara Bahadur, Ram Biswakarma, Krishna Hari Ghimire, Saraswati Chaudhari, Santa Pariyar, Madhab Mandal, Saroj Yadav, Satya Narayan Yadav. Dr. Bijaya Datta, Central Member, Human Rights Alliance, presented a working paper, titled “Condition of Human Right in Tarai-Madesh”. The paper consisted status of province 2 based on data distributions on caste/ethnicity, language, HDI, population and status of human rights in the region.

Chief Guest, Bijaya Subba shared his concern of human rights in the region; where, numerous incidents of human rights violations have occurred. Most of the laws related to human rights and social justice are yet to be formulated though they have already been included in the constitution. Hence, he hoped all the people from marginalized communities and deprived backgrounds will be able to enjoy their basic rights as ensured by the constitution in coming days. And, he also insisted all the people to be cautious to ensure fair and transparent upcoming local election in Province 2. Similarly, Chief Guest, Min Shahi expressed human right movement has connection with political movement as both are carried out to ensure the basic rights to the people. And, in this course, Human Rights Alliance has been active since its establishment by leading it’s around 1800 networks at present. And, this program is also one of the milestones in campaigns for human right and social justice. Usha Pokhrel, chairperson of the program, acknowledged that programs like this conducted by Human Rights Alliance through the prospect of upcoming local election will play crucial role for ensuring fair and transparent election. And, the program was facilitated by Pramod Chaudhari, Human Rights Alliance Member Province 2.

Meanwhile, a brief sharing session was conducted consisting district representatives and central committee members of Human Rights Alliance regarding the status of the organizations progress in respective districts of Province 2. In the session, district representatives shared to the central committee members about their challenges and opportunities while working at the local level on human right and social justice being associated with Human Rights Alliance.