Mr. Min Bahadur Shahi

Mr. Min Bahadur Shahi

Min Bahadur Shahi was born and grew up in small village of Kalikot, the remote mountain region of Karnali province in Nepal. Min holds expertise on rights based development, human rights, leading Non-governmental organizations, community media, and Mountain development, Governance, Community Empowerment, Social Mobilization, Strategic Planning and Sociopolitical Analysis. He has served as an expert member of National Development Council for two years. He was selected in top 30 model citizens of Nepal in 2009, (Lakhau Ma Eak, Tees Namuna Nagarik) based on peoples survey conducted by Himal Magazine. He contributed as Media Policy Expert on Mass Communication Policy as a member of High level Mass Media Policy Committee Member nominated by Government of Nepal.

Min received his Masters Degree in Sociology and Anthropology and Bachelors Degree in Arts from Tribhuwan University. He has led National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice –Nepal (Human Right Alliance) from 2014.

He is the elected Deputy President for World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). Furthermore, he also served as a Regional President for AMARC Asia-Pacific Board of Director. He provided strategic direction and led Humanitarian Accountability Monitoring Initiative (HAMI), Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal, (ACORAB) largest community broadcasting organization in Nepal, Community Information Network (CIN) largest community news sharing network, South Asian Alliance for Community Broadcasting Development (ACBD) and Karnali Development Joint Forum.

He has more than two decade long experience in development sector specifically, on democratic governance, social inclusion, economic empowerment, community empowerment, community radio, education, human rights, WASH, Disaster Risk Reduction and mountain environment focusing on policy advocacy, project delivery and strategic planning.

Prior to joining National Planning Commission, he served as Executive Director of Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC) a leading development organization in Nepal. He brought new dimensions on tackling Regional Disparities for mainstream Development of impoverished region in his two decade long development journey.

He has travelled to several countries Asia, Europe, Africa and South America representing Nepal and led Nepalese delegation and being invited as panelist in numerous international conferences on Development issues, Media Governance and Community Radio. He has authored, edited several reports, papers and articles and had also been editor of different newspapers.